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Struggle Bars/Corny Punchlines that should NEVER be used again...

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Title is straight forward. Those tired ass struggle bars that are overused and should be BANNED.

Anything about how you are like a shark but but other rappers aren't

Anything about oral sex being compared to education/knowledge/school/etc...

My cocaine is white like.......

Comparing your raps to crack and the listeners are crackheads

Eating p*ssy compared to eating dinner/lunch/any meal

As a huge Big Sean fan, still the whole Quagmire going "Giggity giggity" line was cornier than rocking a box cut now with a FUBU throwback.

Anything about taking someone else's girl. We get it, girls love ugly gremlin looking mofos with a lot of money.

I'm ballin' like..... Its only okay if you're like 9 years old and rapping for your grandma.

Anything about time being money... That's pretty much a good chunk of Carter IV

Rihanna references in songs.

My swag is like...NO, just stop...please...

Lil Wayne whole rap career would be gone if those struggle bars were banned. :hah:
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