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Storage Wars

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Anyone watch this ? I love this show second season just started today
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Damn this may be the greatest show on TV and this thread got no love wtf

And Brandi is hot as shit to me
WonderBoy said:
love this show
Show is amazing its the only storage unit show that is actually legit. They show when they make it big or went they take some loses. Other just shows the wins kinda gets annoying
I actually went to one about a month ago and its exactly like on tv. And I saw the gambler do a tv interview and he said its extremely crowded now. He uss to see 30 to 40 now its up to 300 to 400 people
I actually been to a few storage auctions now, its exactly like in the show but I haven't brought any yet. I did bid on one but lost
1 - 5 of 23 Posts
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