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Stop Hating. We're all fans, right? Drake+Kanye

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They like each other. We shouldn't argue...
We're all fans right?

O wait

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He didnt know she was a bird tho
ATFJustin said:
Kanye dated a bald girl. :kanyeshrug:
I'm 99% sure he's always fucked up on Hennesey.
The dude made out with a bird and every Kanye stan on this site thought it was beautiful and cried. :facepalm:
Cus hes cool, duh!
Glee Club said:
tha fuck? Why the fuck is Drake wearing bell bottoms?
A fine ass bird
ATFJustin said:
When you look at this^
You know it's a bird.
Dude i was joking but yeah that kid has issues
Real talk
ATFJustin said:
I think you better head over to the "would you take it up the ass to continue listening to Ye" thread.
Do it dawg! You should do something like rate this kid 1-10
10 being the gayest and 1 being straight
ATFJustin said:
Me too :D
For real. I'm about to make a thread about it. :work:
Ah thats so gay
I mean if he can have threads about taking it in the ass then why not let us have a simple survey lol
ATFJustin said:
LOOOB. I did it. But these power tripping mods delteted it. :work:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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