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Starcraft II Thread

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The essential RTS game imo :sarc2: (and ultimately a blood-bound necessity for my ethnicity).

Post usernames, profile links, etc etc you get the drift.

feel free to add me!

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ryan you're a nerd.

:( I want this game though.
AH I still need to get this. The thing is Fallout: New Vegas is out on the 19th (for sure buying) and I also want to get 2K11. Decisions, decisions.
bump add me i go on every once in a while
anyone wanna play? -_- my new name is thebluweeknd hit me up
lmfao we dont have a a thread for this?
I  thought more people would play SC2 here..

don't play anymore but the story>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
thewizard said:
I  thought more people would play SC2 here..
Downloading a big fucking update right now.
i played it back when it first came out

the story was dope as fuck, but i suck dick online
the campaign was amazing.
amazing game
Star craft 1 was the goat game back in the day.

redownloading this amazing game now

anyone up for anything when I finish installing?
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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