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Backstory: I'm finsihing buying the little pile of games I want for my refurbished Wii U I got for cheap last year, I have BOTW, Pikmin 3 (worth the console purchase alone 10/10 game & one of the few Wii U titles not on Switch), Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Super Smash Bros. U, Super Mario 3D World & Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge.

I plan to get Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles X & maybe Star Fox Zero to finish it out.

I said maybe SFZ because of the huge split on it regarding it's controls, but I don't understand, I just played the demo to completion to test it out before buying, & it doesn't seem bad at all :what:

It reminds me of Lightgun Arcade games (S/o House of the Dead 2 on my Dreamcast :rejoice: ) & it's very simple to use. I'm also a HUGE detractor when it comes to Motion Controls, the OG Wii is my Least favorite console, so I'm not one of those motion control advocate lovers, but it isn't bad in this game & isnt intrusive. It's kinda natural tbh.

I barely used the cockpit view & stay in 3rd person while using the Wii U pad motion as like a Control Stick or gun attachment you'd find in Flight Sims & Lightgun games. Sure, training yourself for 3mins that the right analog stick won't move your reticle is a brain teaser for 3mins, but afterward it's perfectly doable.

So I don't get it. Game seems fun, the controls were way overhated imo & the game graphically looks amazing too.

To those few that have a Wii U, does anyone else have thoughts on SFZ wether you like or hate it? Seems real good to me & imma pick it up for $10 online :maybe:

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Water Giver said:
Kabel aint an OG like them two or Mob or Trini or Dstoner or Shattered Waves etc. 馃槫馃槫馃槫
Shattered Waves turned out to be a complete weirdo
I sure miss Stephanie tho :ffpu: Imagine if she were active when Nintendo IS ACTUALLY PROSPERING :damn:
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