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Spanish language

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i wanna learn how to speak spanish. anyone know any websites that will help? preferably site from previous experiences. i dont want the first google choice. also dont tell me rosetta stone.
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yo se hablar español porqe vivo en mexico
Rosetta Stone? :work:
edit: btw. Yo no hablo español :cryfam:
im guessing someone has never heard drakes over
Hablo espanol, pero no bueno.

Was that right?
mirrorcole said:
Hablo espanol, pero no muy bien
Google it.
Google lo.

Google this: Learn spanish.
Google este: Aprendir español.

Thank you & good bye!
Gracias y adios!
If you have any spanish friends just always ask them how to say shit. Eventually you just catch on.

You can learn it by yourself by figuring out the base words, and then learning key words so that you can put together sentences. Spanish mechanics aren't too different from English so if you really try you can do it.
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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