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Russ stirred up a whole lot of controversy after one of his interviews from 2016 surfaced where he suggested that producers are to blame for the state of hip hop. Metro Boomin, BigHead, Frank Dukes, Cardo, London On Da Track and more slammed the "What They Want" rapper for putting the blame on producers. One person who had a pretty lengthy message for Russ was 808 Mafia's Southside. He's never one to shy away from sharing his opinion and in a recent Instagram Live session, he completely slammed Russ for what he said.

Southside was not feeling Russ' recent comments about producers alleged role in the decline of hip hop's quality. Before he went in on the rapper, he let it known that he did think his music was dope. However, he let it be known that Russ doesn't have any authority to make comments like that.

"Let's just be clear, don't speak on Black producers, at all. And I'mma say this shit for the last time, because you're not Black. Don't speak on Black producers, bro. Saying that there are no more Dr. Dre's, there are no more Timbaland's, there are no more this, there are no more that. You right n*gga, there are no more of them," Southside said. "All those n*ggas you speakin' on are 50 years and better. They are the OG's, we respect 'em but music has changed and it has shifted. You know what I'm sayin'? You sound stupid, bro, saying what you saying."

He later went on to say that the music Russ makes doesn't appeal to the same crowd that listens to him, Smokepurpp or Lil Pump.

"Don't get mad at us as Black producers because for one bro, the music you make is not for the community that we're in at all. I don't see Smokepurpp fans singing Russ songs. I don't see Lil Pump fans singing Russ songs. You can't call those kids wack, my n*gga because you on some lyrical disaster shit. So calm that down. "

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