Kanye to The banner

soulja's got more classics than kanye (ABSOLUTELY NOT TROLLING)

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crank dat
pretty boy swag
kiss me thru the phone
speakers going hammers (ok never heard this one)
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CPonchocinco said:
All Falls Down garb
All of the Lights extra garb
Amazing paul wall level
Can't Tell Me Nothing half n half. half wack half okey dokey.
Flashing Lights straight garb no filter
Good Life garb x a million
Gold Digger kids hu look like bieber liked this in the day
Heartless wut?
Hey Mama tupac says hi to your derivative ass
Homecoming coldplay is teh suck
Jesus Walks his only good song
Love Lockdown ew
Monster goat beat. horrible mastering. thx for nuttin.
NIP nipple
Otis honey bunches of o's
Power gross ew cac personified through aural nature
Runaway sugar ray called. want their song title back. one note piano man. literally.
Spaceship nicki?
Stronger gay disco
Through The Wire lol at corn old dusty mase line
Touch the Sky don't remember this one? oh yeah he paid that hep c bitch to appear in his video. tacky.
The New Workout Plan misogynist

and those are just singles...

and those are just singles...
@SouljaBoy one of the freshest rappers out there... and he make cold ass beats!!! Be coming up with new sayings!!! That's real hip hop
yo i'm headed back to my home turf. the fucking g&g. fluck. kanye stans be mean mugging in puffy shirts via seinfeld waves.
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