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Sort of having a life crisis...

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Lately I have been feeling like I have been way more understanding of the current culture than my friends and peers...like I am living in the year 2025 or something. I have all this creativity inside me, but my parents and...society in general, they won't let me express it and make use of it. So, maybe I should just retire with all the success have already had, and move to the west and just live with my relatives and shit. I have a decent amount of fame in the town I live in, but I have seriously thought about quitting and just going back to being a nobody, just like it was when I was trying to get some reputation...back when I wasn't getting any girls, and driving shitty cars, and just trying to beat my big brother at one damn thing, I knew I wouldn't be so irrelvant if I could do that.

I used to live in the shitty part of the city, and I would use my summers selling drugs and shit...what else was there to do? Oh yeah, my shitty job at a fast food restaurant? Well...I almost got the job, my friend did, but he just got fired. Its so weird to see myself now with my fame traveling across the ocean spending money, and ignoring that whole mantra of not appreciating what you have in the present, and longing for it to come back when you have lost it in the future. I was thinking about opening my own shop to help people find what what they wanted to do, sort of be part of my pact, but I know they could betray me...and if they did do that, fuck 'em, would sell my shit immediately. And yet more young people would just show up and ask for inspiration...and my clients would say sorry guys, Mr. Timesitheus isn't here anymore.
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