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Sorry 4 The Wait

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shoulda been called 'I Feel Sorry 4 Your Ears'
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thats not true. lil b was promoting the mixtape like a week n a half before it dropped.
unborndawg said:
Stfu it was a rushed mixtape he probably done in 2 days tops, give it a rest half the mixtape was fire in a way
but anyway the mixtape only had ONE good song.
im pretty sure he made enough tracks to make a decent mixtape tbh. sorry 4 the wait was ass.
unborndawg said:
Yes true wayne had an interview and said he was gonna be done that week meaning it took atleast 3 or 4 days
nah. only good song is gucci gucci. that grove street and rollin is decent. but not all that good.
unborndawg said:
racks on racks
sftw song
groove street
sure thing
gucci gucci

all songs wayne killed
maybe cause every song sounds the same. but with a different beat.
unborndawg said:
nah  he definitely merked rollin and adele's song and explain how inkredible and racks on racks werent good tracks?
uhm he was working on it for more then a few days. it was being announced a week n a half before it was dropped. that was enough time to put out some decent tracks.
unborndawg said:
yall ****** are gay it was mixtape that was done in a few days and you expect him to put that much effort into it. Its an apology to his fan for the wait
lil b red flame>>>>>>>>sorry 4 the wait

and that was done in a few days so y'all arguments don't mean a damn thing to me. just wayne fans trying to make excuses.
jackert28 said:
Ok I expect a mixtape from you in a week and a half.  BETTER BE DECENT HOMEBOY
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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