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Sons of Anarchy

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This show fucking OWNS!!!!!!!
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rg said:
Who else is pumped for this?
I'm interested to see how it plays out. Last season was a disappointment imo. Hopefully this one will be better.
Hiei said:
"i aint no spiderman ******"
His spidey sense definitely wasn't working.聽 :he:
This was an exciting episode. I enjoyed it for the most part.

Tig's initial breakdown/bargaining was almost comical to me, though. I don't know why. :dno:

And I don't know if I believe that Gemma's pussy is so good that Nero would be willing to harbor several high profile fugitives like the next day. :dno:
Juice is such a bitch. Something better happen to him before he can fuck up anything else with his bitchassness.
I'm sick of the whole Gemma vs. Tara bullshit. I'm also not really enjoying Tara taking on so much of Gemma's personality. I wish she would stick up for herself without turning into Gemma. At this point I'm team Wendy, tbh.
Pretty decent episode. I hope we get to see more of those porn girls now that they're in the business of whoring.

I thought Gemma had beaten Ashley Tisdale more severely. It was weird that she didn't have any apparent bruising or injuries.

The dialogue between Nero's Latina bitch and Gemma was atrocious. I actually cringed before they were about to fight.
wtf at Carla's bullshit :fly:

I'm glad Unser told Gemma off.

Did Otto actually want Tara to suck his dick or was he just saying that to make a point, that he wouldn't kneel to the club anymore?
I'm sick of the Jax/Clay posturing. I feel like it's gotten stale. I want that whole thing to come to a head. There needs to be some kind of resolution. Enough of this narrative blue balls.

I'm also sick of Gemma fucking shit up for really no reason. She was moving in the right direction by making up with Jax and establishing some level of trust with Tara. I don't understand why the show thinks its necessary to keep doing the same tired shit with her character. She should just be killed off if the show won't allow her to move forward.
21 - 28 of 2984 Posts
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