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Sons of Anarchy

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This show fucking OWNS!!!!!!!
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Just started watching this. It reminds me a bit of The Shield, probably because Sutter worked on The Shield as well. Interesting charachters, I'm at S1E7 so far.
Season 2 was so gawdly, I watched like 10 episodes in 1 day. :mindfk:
The ending of season 3 was dope as well, soundtrack to the last 10 minutes was perfect.

Season 4 is scheduled for September, right?
dorian_j said:
A premiere date has yet to be announced, but we know that the season premiere will be 90 minutes long.
Can't wait, one of the best show in the least years. Up there with Breaking Bad & Mad Men imo.
dorian_j said:
You should add 'Justified' there. If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you do it asap.
Nop, not yet. I just started watching Dexter, but haven't really gotten into it yet.
dorian_j said:
David Hasselhoff
Joins 'Sons Of Anarchy' Season 4

Sons Of Anarchy makes me want to buy a Harley :cryfam:
I watched the trailer like 10 times already, so epic.
dorian_j said:
Now, we know that the new season premieres in September. Can't wait.
90 minutes is godly though. I'm hyped already.
dorian_j said:
FX Announces Fall Schedule for SONS OF ANARCHY

Sons of Anarchy Returns Tuesday, Sept. 6, 10 PM ET/PT With a Special 90-Minute Premiere
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dorian_j said:
Sons of Anarchy - Season 4 Premiere 4 Minute Sneak Peek

Any spoilers in it?
dorian_j said:
Nothing major.
Their music choice is great imo btw. Even though I'm not into rock too much, I love those songs.
I don't want to read spoilers, so somebody quote me.
Wasn't the premiere supposed to be 90 minutes? The one I downloaded is an hour, did it change?
dorian_j said:
The commercials were cut. The season premiere + commercials = almost whole 90 minutes
Ok, thanks.
They mumble too much though, it's a bit hard for a non-native speaker. :cryfam:
ecabney said:
i like that FX is hiring almost all of the former Deadwood actors
Who else is Deadwood?
They hired The Shield-actors as well, understandable since Sutter used to co-write.
ecabney said:
Timothy Olyphant (Seth Bullock) stars in Justified
Dayton Callie (Charlie Utter) portrays Unser in Sons
Ray Mckinnon (Rev HW Smith) portrays the new US Attorney in Sons
Oh yeah, Unser of course lol. I forgot about him.
quirkdean14 said:
anyone no where i can view the mini episodes from season 3 dvd. apparantly thats where jax gets stabbed
They're on youtube. They're called appisodes or something.
quirkdean14 said:
much obliged

also are they worth watching or will they ruin the season for me?
I only watched the stabbing. I believe they're situated between season 3 and 4 so I doubt they'd ruin anything to come.
dope_nunez said:
I don't know how you guys in the US deal with the commercials! I downloaded one show with the commercials in once, I gave up after 15 mins....

Does anyone who watches this watch "The Shield" as well?
I saw The Shield before this. It's a comparable style but The Shield is (much) better imo. Sutter co-wrote The Shield as well.
dope_nunez said:
Yep the shield was epic! Last season in Ireland touched the Shield's level of drama. And when I mention the shield I mean as a whole, from beginning to end, you can't really circle out a particular season, perhaps with regards to stand out episodes, however if you follow the story arc right to the end... Man!

The conclusion of The Shield is the best I've ever seen...
Same here, I don't rate it lower than The Wire. But The Shield's last season was just :mindfk:
quirkdean14 said:
would you recommend watching the Shield and the Wire? ive heard people talk about both shows but i never got into either
Probably the best 2 shows since 2000.
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