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Sons of Anarchy

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This show fucking OWNS!!!!!!!
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PurpPhantom said:
I really like this show as a whole, but I haven't been loving this season so far.
yea this season needs to pick it up, but the awesomeness of Terriers is definitely making up for it.
Stealth said:
Never seen this show before but I've heard great things. What other shows would you compare it to?
The Shield, Justified
ahhhhhhhhh shit!!!!! had to bump this shit due to the epicness of last night's season finale
dorian_j said:

He's been in almost every damn TV show.
i think it's just uninspired casting.
dorian_j said:
What did you think of the third season?
meh. the finale doe >
i like that FX is hiring almost all of the former Deadwood actors
ZarlacctheGoozle said:
had a hard time not thinkin preacher each time he came on haha
DamianV said:
Who else is Deadwood?
They hired The Shield-actors as well, understandable since Sutter used to co-write.
Timothy Olyphant (Seth Bullock) stars in Justified
Dayton Callie (Charlie Utter) portrays Unser in Sons
Ray Mckinnon (Rev HW Smith) portrays the new US Attorney in Sons
quirkdean14 said:
terriers? really?
Terriers >

it's like a mix of The Big Lebowski, Rockford Files, and Veronica Mars all rolled into one
Tig >
Opie >
DamianV said:
Their music choice is brilliant imo.
except for the theme song
DamianV said:
sounds like a Staind rip-off
that russian roulette scene was hilarious!
astonished by the Juice hate. The hate should mostly be directed to the seedy DA and the new sheriff.
bboyRobert said:
So there's only 1 more season after this one ? I thought they had signed for like 3 more seasons ? :cryfam:
3 more seasons of this would be terrible. It's already falling off as it is.
1 - 18 of 2984 Posts
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