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Sons of Anarchy

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This show fucking OWNS!!!!!!!
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So I just got into this show.. I'm lovin it.. finished season 2 yesterday.. and season 3 isn't on netflix.. i need to see what happens to Abel!!!! anyone got a good link to watch season 3 online? Jax FTW
dorian_j said:
I got you.
much appreciated my man.. kinda bummed to see that you guys dont think season 3 is as good.. although then again its hard to be haha
dorian_j said:
I got you.
so i finished watching the season in 3 days.. it was a great season.. not as good as season 2 tbh but the finale was just absolutely epic.. can't wait season 4..
quirkdean14 said:
tnt and tbs only seem to pick up reruns of shows, but theyre starting to grab up some quality shows which is nice to see.

NBC fucks up a lot, way to greedy. same problem with fox.

BUT....Heroes coming back to NBC? with the OLD cast...
heroes is coming back??
xela510 said:
Started watching this about a week ago. Im halfway through season 3. So far Season 2 and 1 are both way better than 3. I just got to the part where they are about to leave to Ireland so there might be a lot more thats missing to make it a lot better.
the season isnt that great.. but the finale is ridiculous
The way I see it... this whole season was to set up next season.. waste of my time
can anyone gimme a link to a good site to watch tv shows online.. i worked late and missed the season premiere and cant find it anywhere..
Pope is one bad ass mother fucker.. killin his own crew, setting tig's daughter on fire, setting up jax... settin up for a good season indeed
1 - 8 of 2984 Posts
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