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Anyone else here bought the game today? I was surprised how it turned out, looks insane! What's your thoughts on this game? Would you buy the upcoming episodes of the game? I would.
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I personally think the game doesn't touch the original, seems slower, and wayyyyy easier when compared to Sonic 2..

When I play it I felt like I was getting assisted when I jumped and everything, plus when you roll in the air in sonic 2 you do not come out of your ball, on this one you do and it makes you vulnerable to your enemies, which caused me to lose a lot of coincs.

This game is everything I was expecting it not to be, and I am glad I tried out the trial version first.
Yeah true. Though I like the idea when Sonic jumps and you hit a target you can jump/boost to that target, and yeah I also hate how he is walking slow as well I've also noticed he doesn't spin that fast either.
the shit is HOT FIRE

I got it for 360 and Iphone... both sick
hmmm, i was contemplating getting this, but judging from the above comments.......  :work:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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