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It got removed fast as fuck but here's the link


I have a role with Universal Music Group of which GOOD Music is a subsidiary company. If a mod messages me i can provide some proof bar anything that could reveal my identity.

That being said I am happy to answer most questions. Please keep it music related (no trump questions - all of that will be understood in time) and be aware that the album version I heard had not been finalized.

Some information I will give:

That snippet Tongues that leaked a while ago that many thought was fake and the SoundCloud user CLLLAPs is actually real and is the outro to the second track.

The album is 7 tracks long and roughly 35 minutes long with most tracks around 5 minutes - Track 6 is longer maybe around 7ish minutes and the final track is much shorter maybe 2-3 minutes

Production is most reminiscent of Yeezus with more live instrumentation. Track 3 is straight out of college dropout though - very soul sample based.

The album is somewhat political but largely personal. Lyrics about his mental health and his public perception stuck out to me when I heard it. Some great writing in there but definitely a couple of bars that are Kanye like in the bad sense.

Feel free to ask anything else and I'll answer what I can. I didnt get told track names or the album title, I was just played it by a representative of GOOD
Ok imma add the questions and answers before they disappear

"Honestly man that's crazy. I would ask you to show me any recordings you got, but ima wait for the release and hear it in good quality. That's cool tho for real."
Answer: We weren't allowed phones inside. They were very strict even though all of us who heard the album have been with universal for a while

"Where would u rank it among Kanye's albums?"
Answer: i dont feel comfortable ranking it since i only heard it once. it was definitely right up there as a kanye album though it sounded amazing first listen

"Are the tracks with Travis, Rocky, and Uzi on the album?"
Answer: Nope they weren't on the version i heard

"Idk why y'all would believe this clown. It's obviously fake. Why would someone who works for Universal be compelled to make a fucking reddit post about Ye's new album. If you actually worked for the label, you'd understand that shit like this is the last thing you'd want to do. Fucking idiot"
Answer: You can believe me if you want. I'm happy to provide proof to a mod that doesn't compromise my identity. I just wanted to give everyone a boost since everything has been so negative the last couple days as a Ye fan. Ultimately the album is coming in a month and theres a limited amount of info i am willing to/able to give having only heard it once

"In what ways is it political? Can you give some examples"
Answer: Honestly i struggle to remember specific lines as i only heard the album once but i know he talked about Trump 1-2 times not in detail and spoke a ton about civil rights and black victimisation and slavery. Only two tracks had political stuff on them and it felt a lot like New Slaves

"Also any features on the Kanye album? Any tour ideas?"
Answer: I havent been told anything about the tour. There was Justin Vernon i think on one of the outros - it may not have been but it had the vocal effect and wasn't Kanye. Also Pusha T is on a track. Other than that just Kanye aside from backing vocals

EDIT: forgot that The Dream is on there too

"What do you think about Kanye as of this moment?"
Answer: I think that a ton of the shock is causing people to miss what he's trying to say. I also think he is not good at explaining himself coherently
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