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So, I was looking through this soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/wiroks

and i saw these three mixes posted

so I went through and edited the New Slaves postlude and Bound 3 into the songs off of Yeezus. Then I used a mix of I Am A God:
Late_Procrastination said:
03 I Am A God (Extended).mp3
http://www44.zippy share.com/v/92018350/file.html

let me know what you think lol, just me extending parts i liked so yeah
and edited the I Am A God sample onto the end of that.

and here they are:

I Am A God
http://www57.zippy share.com/v/1716463/file.html

New Slaves
http://www57.zippy share.com/v/27377134/file.html

Bound "3"
http://www57.zippy share.com/v/3997141/file.html

shoutout to for the soundcloud, those mixes you did are great
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