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Ok... so I just realized I have an essay due for Film (1500 words) on November 18 and I was just wondering since some of you here have a deep passion for movies and everything about them, maybe if you could help me write this essay? It's not like a research thing, mostly words from yourself, and I'm not really good at describing movie scenes in essay form but like some of you are... e.g. D-Boy, 8th Wonder, JP Diaz. Micool, the whole 7 Day Cinema cast etc. so like would I be asking too much if I asked you to like write an essay on one of the clips from Gran Torino analyzing it and all? I mean it'd be just like writing a review for 7 Day Cinema except this time you would be writing about a clip instead of a whole movie... here's the actual question to make it easier...

"Provide a close reading of the first scene of either All that Heaven Allows or Gran
Torino.  Discuss the cinematic elements at work in these opening scenes, and consider
them in the context of the film as a whole.  How do aspects of the opening scenes set up
and relate to scenes later in the film stylistically and thematically?"

I'll YouTube the clip once I watch it today and then I'll paste the link here so you can guys can see which clip I wanna analyze...

This is kinda cool too if you needed any further info..


1.  The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to do close analysis of the
screened clip based upon the material covered and what you have learned in the course
thus far.  You are not to provide a plot synopsis of the events of the clip or the clip
(although of course you need to explain briefly what is going on and its relation to the
entire film).  The structure of your essay should be determined by the shape of your
analysis.  Don’t merely describe the scene and its various elements. 

2.  It is vital that you develop a thesis related to the question being asked.  A thesis
should indicate your argument(s), your “take” on the question.  Your analysis will then
work to support your thesis, and it is the development of your arguments that should
“drive” your analysis.  You do not need to address every aspect of the clip.  Use elements
that are relevant to the arguments that you are making (don’t, however, simply ignore
elements that would seem to work against your thesis).

3.  Be sure to consider the theme of the film, as you perceive it. The theme is not simply
what the film is about, but rather the manner in which the film text treats its context. 
Consider the perspective the film offers on the events it depicts. Style and structure are
important factors for determining theme, hence the importance of close analysis in your

4.  This is not a research assignment.  You should not be seeking out secondary sources
to aid in your interpretation of the clip.  The goal here is to provide your own original
analysis and insights and to show your growing ability to read film images, not to
synthesize or unearth what others may have written.  That said, if you do make use of our
course texts, or other sources, for ideas, needless to say you should offer proper citations.

5. Always use correct terminology when describing elements of the film.  Your ability
to use the correct terms and concepts dealt with to this point in the course is a key part of
the grade for this assignment.  You do not need to provide citations if you use terms listed
in the texts, as these are all common terms in the discourse of film criticism. Only offer
citations if you repeat substantial aspects of the textbooks’ use of the term or its
application of ideas.

But like yeah.. the first person that comes to mind when I think of movies is honestly the 7 Day Cinema crew and D-Boy, so like I would REALLY appreciate if you could help me with this guys  <3

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joe said:
You're not reinventing the wheel here. You just should be able to do it on your own.

It's a film essay.
Yeah I know man... but Im not really good at writing essays about movies. Like I can write a basic average one but the professor wants a nearly perfect one and since you guys are geniuses at this movie stuff I figured maybe you could help

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Mine's due on November 18th though. Thats like 3 weeks from now Id suppose. Its totally ok if you can't do it but just incase you DO find time just let me know lol and damn son good luck with that paper... 30 pgs sounds kinda scary
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