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So Who's Next?

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cause listen, this whole everyone on kanye's dick thing isn't gonna last forever..

SO, in your opinion, who's the next big rapper.. who's next to have their big comeback/blow up etc..

don't just say "kanye forever" cause that's honestly stupid
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Chyi da prince is going to be HUGE
no joke I really see potential in that kid.
Btw y'all overrate j.Cole
@DrSwervington said:
c'mon now...
yeah, but his guy has kanye producing for him :dno:
rappers are like Athletes. There are only a few that REALLY stand out. The rest are there for filler
B-ri said:
LOOOB exactly, just becuz your a good rapper, doesnt make you good musically..or gurantee that you will blow up nd have alot of success...there's alot great rappers in the world, but only a few reach the STAR STATUS of Kanye, Em, Jay, and Wayne.
Seriously though, y'all should hop of coles dick until Cole world is a classic. Dude has potential but you act like he's already an established god
it's true. He's pretty dope but
*Tom jackson voice" CMON MAN
@DrSwervington said:
seriously though,

that way ---->
:kanyeshrug: I don't believe things till I see them (that's fucking right Santa claus)
@DrSwervington said:
looooooooooooooob at tom jackson voice hahaha

nah but forreal, when that album comes out.. oh man, it's gonna get crazy.

ye x cole ?

i'll cry my eyes out in happiness
give me 3 reasons why Cole is the next superstar
LightSkinJesus said:
fuck you tbh eat ur fathers dick
3 different reasons about coles OWN rappig ability. You don't want this to turn into drake lil Wayne do u?
@DrSwervington said:
jay z, jay z, and jay z
yeah, that song is mad dope, but besides the point...
Also, lil wayne does practically EVERYTHING for drake
@DrSwervington said:
dont even say that cause drake is really good, idgaf.

cole is so nasty, did you listen to the warm up? honestly, beginning to end
cbaca said:
yeah i dont see why everyone is on his cole's dick. i downloaded his 2 mixtapes and tbh, they sucked. since JAY-Z signed him, I was expecting them to be amazing....... or at least decent. wasent impressed at all
j.cold hasn't proved himself yet
cbaca said:
I've seen performances of him singing and they were HORRIBLE..... honustly, no stan shit, kanye sings better then him live...

glad someone agrees with me
yeah warm up is dope as fuck, but people believing he's a legend already
cbaca said:
i was talking about drake in that one.............. but yeah, no judging til there album comec out, some cole song r dope as fuck though
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