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there is an article from last year about about joey getting defensive because he ain't doing turn up joints. now the recent track he dropped sounds like A$AP


DX:With that, things are changing, but your sound is quintessential Brooklyn. When I think about Shipes, to put out an artist right now with a sound that is from the 90's, or in homage of the 90s with a little flip on it. Everything is real turned up right now, but you're not doing 180 beats per minute type joints.

Joey Bada$$: Who said I'm not?

DX: I just listened to your show.

Joey Bada$$: You don't know what I'm working on in the studio.

[At this point, Statik Selektah, who has been sitting silently, interjects.]

Statik Selektah: Technically 180 BPMs is 90 BPMs. You mean 120?

DX: Yeah…120. Excuse me. That's not your sound?

Joey Bada$$: What you're saying here is, you're one of those interviewers who continue to pigeonhole me into this '90s era box. What it really is, is that the more you guys do that, the more people turn away from it, 'cause they just easily perceive it as that. This is fresh new music. From 2012, 2011, and now 2013.

DX: So do you think about that when you work on your new music?

Joey Bada$$: I think about just making great music all the time.

DX: Being put in that box, that's the first time I've heard that viewed as a negative. You have a lot of people who view it that way as paying homage to the music they love. So you're saying that could be viewed as a negative also?

Joey Bada$$: I'm not saying that it's a negative aspect. I'm saying it's what the media puts me out there as. When it's just really all new music; it's fresh.
Should badass try to evolve or stay in his lane?

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that 1999 shit he did was cool for one tape, i mean i listen every now and then cos it's a good homage and that, but to survive in the industry, yeah he needs to expand those horizons out, the world doesn't need 1999 2.
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