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So this girl wants to give me head and i just started talking to her..

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Should i be afraid?
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American Terrorist said:
yo if u think u like her dont mess with that shit. but if u dont theres nothin wrong wit smashin some fine ass hoes!
damn dude! i wouldnt like a girl that wanted to blow me right after meeting! haha thats hook up material for sure but i wouldnt like/date that!
Gus said:
The fact that you had to ask us makes me second guess how hot this chick is .. If she really was a 8.5 like you say then you must be gay for being afraid of that hoe.. :kanyeshrug:
Kay-Z2000 said:
Joe, I'm sure that wa a onetime thing, and your girl just isn't normal
shes crazy...
TheMonster said:
She is giving me head as we speak boys! thanks alot.
why the fuck are you on ktt then?

get her to go all the way
1 - 6 of 131 Posts
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