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So this girl wants to give me head and i just started talking to her..

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Should i be afraid?
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Go for it man. But dont blame us if later you have std :problem?:
I hear you can get a head with a condom.  :cjshrug: never try it though
That Fred Kid said:
some hoe back in high school said she'd only gimme head if i had a condom on and in the dark
so i pretended to put a condom on in pitch black
she didn't notice till my hot sauce hit the back of her throat...
then she gagged and them threw up in the bathroom :okay:
lmao something similar happened to me xD
I was fucking this girl and she took off the condom and I din't even notice untill I came and then she was mad at me for this...  :facepalm2:
Rogers29 said:
:cmon: how do you not notice? Was it your first time? Cause raw sex feels amazingly different from protected.
What happened after lul. get plan b?
No it wasn't my first time I never did it without a condom before but I guess I didn't notice because I was drunk and I was using this extra sensitive condom  :kanyeshrug:
The day after I went to the hospital to have a chekout.... I have aid, and the girl is now pregnant  :cryfam:

1 - 4 of 131 Posts
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