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So theres this girl

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So theres this one girl i hella like. We've gotten to be really good friends and stuff and i wanna tell her about how i feel about her. She doesnt have a boyfrend right now becuz her last one was a dick and used to be abusive. Not sure what to do.. i dont want her to turn me down cuz then after that shit would be so akward and weird. What do i do? What do i tell her? Should i tell her at all? :dno:

Btw Im 15 bout to be 16 and a sophmore in high school and so is she (just so you can get a feel for my situation)
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joe said:
Like, does she flirt with you? Laugh at everything you say? Playfully touch you?

Usually, if a girl likes you,it will be obvious. That's why I am nervous about you talking to her.
sorta kinda idk cuz well when we met and first became good frends i liked her but never even thought of sayin nothin cuz she was goin thru rough times cuz of her abusive boyfrend.. now they broken up been a while too so idk
Thanks guys yea i know it aint gonna happen overnite i put in work (;
bp9129 said:
So doyou actually hang out with this girl outside of school? If not, start there. When you have her alone you'll be able to easily tell if she likes you or not. If it still seems like you're in the friend zone, ignore her for a while. If she likes you she'll realize she misses you and then SHE'LL be the one that wants to go out. It will be blatantly obvious. And that's where you make your move.

A big tip for dealing with any girl: never appear to want her more than she wants you. You'll lose her everytime. If you feel yourself coming onto her too strong, back off and see what she does

let us know what happens with the bitch
Thats good advice only thing is she live sorta far and also her parents dont let her out much but i still talk to her on myspace alot and shit
and yea thats what i was thinkin dont be so forceful just ignore her sorta and see what she does
cuz tbh the more you chase a girl the more she runs
well i was nervous but more then that i didnt think it would be right cuz she had a boyfrend and he was abusive and she was trying to break it off with him and get over all that so wouldnt be good time to make move i thought so didnt
Yea well we're hella close and i wanna move outta the "frend zone" but idk if she wants to do the same or if she just wants to be frends
joe said:
Yo you're still going in this thread?! Ask the damn woman already you lame! You're stressing me out! :).
Lol sorry but im shy with girls
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