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So theres this girl

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So theres this one girl i hella like. We've gotten to be really good friends and stuff and i wanna tell her about how i feel about her. She doesnt have a boyfrend right now becuz her last one was a dick and used to be abusive. Not sure what to do.. i dont want her to turn me down cuz then after that shit would be so akward and weird. What do i do? What do i tell her? Should i tell her at all? :dno:

Btw Im 15 bout to be 16 and a sophmore in high school and so is she (just so you can get a feel for my situation)
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an automatic way to get out of the friend zone is to
talk about sexual things with her.lol.
dont listen to her vent.
NEVER cuddle with her.
make flirting with her a priority
and in time ull see she'll develop feelings that aren't friendly.
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