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So theres this girl

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So theres this one girl i hella like. We've gotten to be really good friends and stuff and i wanna tell her about how i feel about her. She doesnt have a boyfrend right now becuz her last one was a dick and used to be abusive. Not sure what to do.. i dont want her to turn me down cuz then after that shit would be so akward and weird. What do i do? What do i tell her? Should i tell her at all? :dno:

Btw Im 15 bout to be 16 and a sophmore in high school and so is she (just so you can get a feel for my situation)
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he does have a brother but hes older like 20 some and idk him so na
yea kinda i know but how do i get out?
joe said:
You're in the "friend zone" :(
want to but nervous dont want her to say no scince we're frends and shit and also dont wanna get turned down
so basically im screwed? only can be friends?
Lol first positive comment.. i guess i could get one of my frends to ask her if she likes me and if she would go out with me without her knowing i told him to
find out if she likes you, maybe she likes you and you like her and it will be like a happy fairytale ending
so basically all of you guys think it isnt worth it?
haha.. No -_-
HipPotHead said:
She might think your gay, and vents her feelings to you....
No isnt negative i understand all i want is realness else i wouldnt ask
Kale07 said:
Its almost impossible to get out the friend zone and if you do tellin her might ruin the friendship if she doesnt like you. If she does then if you do break up eventually it will ruin the friendship most likely.

:kanyeshrug: my two cents might sound negative but I'm trying to be real with you
so dont even try and tell her that i like her?
well she could turn me down and if she does shit would never be the same agian between us
should i atleast try to find out if she likes me before i decide to tell her how i feel or not?
yea i got that part ima get one of my boys whos frends with her too ask her but make sure it aint obvious
yea i feel yu
joe said:
If you did want to make a move, please avoid the awkward profession of love/I've been pining for you silently for years. It's too much all at once.

You technically don't need to say anything. Just get her in a place where you're both comfortable. Flirt with her,and eventually initiate physical contact. If she responds, great. If not, it won't be as awkward as reciting some prepared confession.
from what you guys have told me I think ima just let it be and not say nothin but apart of me is like fuk it just tell whats worse that could happen  :dno:
yea exactly how i feel but i guess i gotta just let it be
part of me is sayin that too but meh idk
parkerstang said:
Tell her my boy! Don't regret never saying anything. That's just my opinion.
Coldplay you think it's possible to get out of the frend zone? cuz everyone else mostly said no
Coldplay Expert said:
Ugh, you're in the friend zone.  :-\  I hate that.  :mad:

But you should definitely go for it, man.  I think it's best to take an opportunity of this potential when it shows up, for or better or for worse. 

If you never try, you'll never know.
im sorry and sorta
my situation is diff i just dont know if she likes me or not.. i dont wanna ruin our frendship or be turned down but i hella like her
well we're close frends idk
joe said:
Does she send you any kind of signals?
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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