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...and there was this play that was about this couples descent into madness. Most of the time the actors were naked which really added to the brutality of their actions, and it was really hard to watch from time to time. The most baunting moment was the ruly tragic end scene where a man kills someone and then burns himself and his girlfiend alive as a desperate attempt to escape from their growing insanity.

Also there was this brilliant scene where the stage was all covered in plastic and a man was trying to kill invisible bugs which lasted for 10 minutes, and when he caught one the bug bit him causing him to go on a violent rampage. It was truly terrifying because the actor portrayed his character so well, and because there were only 2 people in the audience beside me the moment felt truly personal and intense.

Unfortunately the lighting was too conventional and the sets were obviously fake, which threw me off the experience so badly I couldn't enjoy the play.


did you say only two people in the audience besides you?

and a ten minute scene where he's chasing invisible bugs?

1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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