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SmokePurpp KNEW he was gonna get dissed on KOD

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That's why he said I will be on J Cole album.

The Lil Pump & Smoke Purpp diss is
On "1985 ( Intro to the Fall Off).

Then someone commented he would be on the album. the comments. Someone relevant though. I think it was MurdaBeatsz not 100% sure. He knew and I'm sure he was cool with it.

All this posted on Akadmiks page. Will post links in a minute. Just wanted to post this quickly.


Here's link to the vid saying smokepurrp saying he'll be on the album. But everyone thought he was trolling but in reality he was secretly getting dissed. And he knows that shit was FUEGO ??

Possible Thread of the year ?

Revolutions ITT !!

EDIT: I have to apologize Last night I was high af for this album and rushed this thread. Great 1st listen BTW .Not only did I list the wrong song for the diss song (Motiv8) but wtf is a Novel peace price. Happy 4/20
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1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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