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Skyzoo & !llmind- Live From The Tape Deck

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Great album, I give it a 8.7/10. Nice (unofficial) follow-up to The Salvation. Beats are ill, no pun intended. It has the perfect amount of "New York-ness" to it, meaning it captures that sound effectively without being overbearing to a listener from another region. Best 1 MC/1 producer project I've heard this year. Don't sleep.

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I doubt many people have heard of it tbh.  I really enjoyed The Salvation and illmind has some sick beats, might just cop this
illmind is one of the dopest. i LOVED the track he did on salvation. so smooth
whoaaaaaaa the first thread on KTT in the music section that hasnt been locked
random that this reappeared.  Was a dope album
thanks to me
Parkzy said:
random that this reappeared.  Was a dope album
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