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though there is it little wrong with it i'd say there isn't much going on aside from the melody and bass am I correct? you could/should add things over the top, maybe chopped up and on a different octave segments of whatever you were sampling or something.

i am kind of forgetting that beats are to be rapped over so there's not much point, but still, that's the only thing i would say you could add. Maybe add some effects and have a wider variety in the way it's constructed, for instance i'll cite the way the beat in No church in a while kind of filters and reverbs out into the background during the dreams part on it or something yknow?

the drum patter is pretty original as far as i can tell so thats great but i think the crash doesn't fit, and there is a triangle in there or something.. actually the triangle sounds pretty cool maybe try juggling open and closed hihat sounds to get the beat sounding more rhytmic and head bob inducing or whatever lol could also maybe use an big snare

woah did i just write all that i guess i'm bored
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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