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Edawg just fucked around and

  • Dropped a classic

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  • Dropped a classic explanation of theraflu

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  • Dropped a classic explanation of theraflu taking shots at wayne

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So ya boy Ye just spittin them barz, right? Then he drops these bombs:

We done heard all that loud ass talkin’, we used to it.
I’m from where shorty’s fucked up. Double cupped up.
Might even kill somebody and YouTube it.
So whoever think they words affect me is too stupid.
And if you could do it better than me, then you do it.
We flyer than a Parakeet. Floatin’ with no parachute.
$6000 pair of shoes. We made it to the Paris News.
Don’t talk about style, cause I’ll embarrass you.
Shut the fuck up when you talk to me, ‘fo’ I embarrass you.

Now, Ye talks about a loud mouth, poor styled, music-only focused person. Sound familiar?
Wayne likes zebra yoga panta
Wayne spoke out very loudly against WTT
What in the fugg does wayne do apart from rap?

Ye stylin on wayne :slick:
Now we deliver the LOLZ. This shit is LOLTASTIC when you look from the outside.

Way too cold I promise you’ll need some Thera Flu.

Wayne has a raspy voice. He needs some medicine to help that out. Get some theraflu?

Ye is about to be COLD on them boyz. So Wayne gonna need that theraflu when Ye comes through with :datGRITTINESS:

Lastly, when Ye comes through with :datGRITTINESS:, he gawn make it SO DAMN COLD that Wayne is gonna need to be sippin on that cough syrup, aka :datTHERAFLU: to cope with the coldness.


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I think the only possible Wayne shot is the Theraflu thing. Wayne could probably do with some.

But I think if there are shots, that doesn't mean they can't be friends. Not all beef has to be "THAT'S WHY I FUCKED YOUR BITCH, FAT MOTHERFUCKER" and end in everybody getting shot.

If they make it about the music, about who can outrap the other, then we might see the best of both GOOD and YM.
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