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Highly Praised Vine Star Shawn Mendes decides instead of migrating to youtube to release music like all the other vine-stars, to release yet another album which stan twitter and girls everywhere will eat up... OUT MAY 25TH


Track List:

1. In My Blood
2. Nervous
3. Lost In Japan
4. Where Were You In The Morning?
5. Like To Be You (Feat. Julia Michaels)
6. Fallin' All In You
7. Particular Taste
8. Why
9. Because I Had You
10. Queen
11. Youth (Feat. Khalid)
12. Mutual
13. Perfectly Wrong
14. When You're Ready

AUTHORS NOTE: i dont listen to him i just wanted an album thread for once cause yall always post speculation threads a year before an album comes out and it always becomes the official one i just want part of the fun

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Magician said:
Fuuuhhk, now push鈥檚 fan base is gonna be in a real predicament deciding which to buy on that day
i know for a fact everyone who snorts cocaine listens to stitches
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