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Made this coz its easier to handle

1.He said FOTP MIGHT be out before lasers is. he also said why he doesnt like 2dopeboyz they the same ****** leaking records like beaming and stuff.
2.He also said when he blew up on mtv the other day is coz he knows the ***** who wrote the article personally so its kinda fucked up


4. He's now talking about the 360 deal she keeps asking about it.

5. Now talking about how during the two years of no release he's worked with ALOT of people.

6. She's still asking about the 360 deal. He's kinda iffy about answering the 360 questions. he doesnt wanna make em look bad.

7. He also stressed again on that the album is the same plus the new songs

8. Go to sleep is now playing

9. He said he likes new boyz :facepalm:

10. he's answering questions now first question was about how he feels about the negativity. he said he takes it a day at a time and he does notice people do shit just to piss him off. He said however he knows people think he's an ass *cough* not calling any names *cough* but he only responds to people when its people he knows personally

11. shout outs to Rhymefest

12. some random girl got a chance to talk to Lu and is asking Lu about her relationship problem.

13. Lupe fact 101 he never went to prom

14. He admits to being difficult when it comes to business

15. talks about nothing on you

16. He's talking about how he loves Julie Greenwald. "She's a shining beacon of light"

17. Rich was right Julie Greenwald isnt the bad guy. She's the one who tried gettin a resolution. (He gave shoutouts to Lyor and Craig Callman and her but we all can read between the lines Cohen was the fucker who wanted him to sign the 360 deal) He prolly just wants to keep everything cool with the label since the release date is here

18. He's still writing the book and a couple short stories.

19. The Show goes on will be on itunes November 9th

The End

can you say stereo sun and state run radio :slick: :slick: :slick: :slick:

Audio: http://lupefiasco-lupend.blogspot.com/2010/10/audio-lupe-fiasco-interview-w-angela.html

Props the SeanTheRobot for the audio

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Lol what does this dude Lupe mean MIGHT?  FTOP needs to be out THIS holiday season.

All those songs still being on Lasers isn't good news in my opinion.  How I look tryna bump Shining Down like it ain't drop 2 years ago? I like the song, but I want some fresh tunes. 

I really hope he wasn't talking about Army Girl, What U Want and them leaked tracks...
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