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my father had a best friend growing up and they were best friends from when they were like babies until they graudated high school.. but things change and people move on, so on and so forth.

but today my dad saw him first the first time in like 25 years (they became friends on Facebook, lol)

but it turns out that now my dads best friend has a brain tumor, inoperable and all that. so i guess its just a matter of time. but the really fucked up shit is that he has seizures at like random times and passes out.. well today he had one of those, when it was just my dad and him together. so he has the seizure (and those are gross to look at, because its just gross.) and he comes back and he doesnt know where he is for like 10 minutes. he finally realizes where he is and begs my father not to tell his wfe because he's going throigh so much stuff and the seizures happen everyday now and he just doesnt want her to know. my dad didn't tell his best friends wife. i think he should've told her but he says "hes already too sick, i dont want him to be mad he was crying" all stuff like that..

what would you guys have done? im just looking for responses because my dad is acting like i'm crazy.. and i genuinely think he should've told her
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