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I am looking to sell my black 2010 Altima Coupe.

v6 3.5 SR 6 Speed with Red Leather Interior (the interior is an instant panty dropper).

280+ hp (Stock 280, 290-95 after bolt ons)

28 mpg highway, 18-21 city

Comes with the iPod interface and backup camera.

There are around 28,000 miles on it currently, along with the gold factory warranty package that is good up until 75,000 miles.

I added on:
Fujita short ram intake
Tein basic street adjustable coilovers
Stillen Catback Exhaust
19" All Black Tenzo Cuzco Rims with low profile summer tires.
Painted taillights
20% tints

Also comes with all the original parts (intake, exhaust etc...)
As well as the original 18" Rims and all-season tires.

I'm looking for around $28,000 $24,000 $22,500

The car is located 30 minutes from NYC, in Rockland County if you want to see it for yourself.

Title in hand, clean car fax.

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dmbp said:
I'm selling it on all the forums I belong to.

Just throwing darts and hoping one lands.
You know any good car forums? I'm looking to get into cars as a hobby tbh. I know shit about em right now.
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