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this is the first time i ever wrote and recorded a hook lol so bare with me

feed back please, thanks :)


God is good life is great aint nothing better
Head up in the clouds but I storm the weather
Did it on my own never needed a mentor
But yall can see me now now until forever


I wake up in the morning thank god for a new day
Life is great man I hit a blunt from the astray
Livin life like everyday is my birthday
Everydays a party am I growing up no way
Cus im a kid mane ima be forever young
They say where you goin I say higher than the sun
Im just tryna have some fun while tryna make a million
Man that kid is brilliant his competition is so dumb
And he as real as they can come
While the rest is actin like lights camera action
Im just dropping facts son they as fake as plastic
Quite drastic im classic in ever aspect
How he do it so sick that every single critic
Change their minds real quick every time that he spit
Proven not a gimmick couldn't be more legit
Sick with the lyrics and hes never gonna quit
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