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Scott Mescudi Vs. The World Lyrics??

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fucking amazing  :stronger: :awesome: <3
anybody got the lyrics to the chorus? i really want to sing along to this snippet lmao
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Lupe The Killer said:
then listen to it till you get it right
ive listened to it like 70 times lmao
i cant understand cee lo
TheLonelyStoner said:
Yeah, I was saying yesterday, when the tracklist came out we were all like, "Scott Mescudi Vs The World? Ha, fuckin lame".

Now we're all like, "holy shit this is great".
exactly what i was thinking hahaha
ive learned that u cant judge a song by its name
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im talking about the snippet
i dont have the full song yet
i wish
DiYo said:
what is this?
im asking if anybody has the lyrics to the chorus
the album opener to man on the moon 2
its featuring cee lo green
the 30 second preview of the songs r on itunes
OhTheHorrors said:
This is our journey to the Horizon
You can see past
It looks real to you
We can meet on the other side
On the other side
What I got from it
thank u!!! :allears: :yay:
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FudgeSupreme said:
Please stop naming threads the title of a song that has not leaked and then just have a request for lyrics. This causes many of us who are anticipating a leak at any moment to assume that the aforementioned song has indeed leaked or the whole album has leaked causing people to do a thread song by song.

Thank you
sorry about that dude
gonna change it now
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M said:
I'm reading these lyrics and literally crying.

"This is our journey to the horizon..."

such a beautiful meaning! Damn, LEAK FUCKING ALBUM, LEAK!!!!!!!
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