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From http://www.fuse.tv/2016/07/schoolboy-q-daughter-babysit-kendrick-lamar​
The Cali rapper goes on to joke about not being a good cook and "tight" trips to Disneyland, before picking the Black Hippy Crew member that would make the best babysitter. And no, it's definitely not Kendrick Lamar! He hilariously explains,

Kendrick, fuck no! I'm not giving him my kid. He's weird. Soul is a fucking scumbag. He won't get my kid. So fuck no. Jay Rock, he got a kid. He knows what to do with a kid, you know what I mean? He knows how to control the crying, the pouting, the "I don't want to do this." He can control that. Kendrick and Ab-Soul? You got a weirdo and a scumbag, I'm cool.
Full article available here.

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