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School me on Lupe?

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Soo I've been a longtime Kanye fan but haven't heard any Lupe except Touch the Sky, Lasers, and Superstar. Enlighten me with his best songs?  :iunno:
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HeeezY said:
You've heard  Lasers?

This will be a long schooling. :facepalm:
Ahhh. I'm Beaming my bad. Hate upsetting Lupe stans.
Slarsenr said:
I'd like to hear this song Lasers you speak of.
Anyway you will be needing following:
Food & Liquor
The Cool
Fahrenheit 1/15th part 1
Fahrenheit 1/15th part 2
Fahrenheit 1/15th part 3
Enemy of the state: A love story
Yea pretty bad with Lupe. And many thanks bro.
Coldplay Expert said:
@ SpotLight:

Listen to "Hurt Me Soul", "The Coolest", "Failure", "Conflict Diamonds", "Dumb It Down", "We On", "Mean and Vicious", and then you'll find yourself more and more getting into him...  That's what happened to me.
Needed some specifics. Gracias.
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