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spejsi666 said:
i don't care much for Esham's music tbh.. i find him a lot more interesting as a person.
seemed like he was really big on Detroit during the 90's, thus clearly an influence on Em/Dre when they were making SSLP.. the whole DGAF attitude, as well as a bunch of direct bites.

even the last song on SSLP has a direct Esham reference: "I'm a cross between Manson, Esham and Ozzy"
later on MMLP tho, the feud has already started & Em dissed him: "I ain't "acid rap," but I rap on acid"
(like OF, Esham has always denied being Horrocore, he claimed to make "acid rap")
since then, Esham has been constantly dissing Em on like every record, without ever getting a response haha.

anyhow as far as his albums go, KKKill the Fetus/Closed Casket/Dead Flowerz is his best trilogy.
his debut, "Boomin' Words from Hell" is also an interesting listen, cuz it's so hard to believe that he actually made that shit when he was like 13.

i'm not familiar with his discography too well, but Doubelievengod is easily the best Esham-related project i've heard.
Thanks for the info man, appreciate it :h5:
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