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I know everyone has been anticipating this album like crazy, and I suspect that there will be very few people doing this, but I was just curious to see how many of us there were that are going a bit further with the 1st experience of this album.

Like I've said before, there's nothing better for me than going to the store and buying the Deluxe CD, unwrapping it, looking at the packaging as I drive home, put the CD into my system in my living room, and just sit back and listen with speakers surrounding me at a high volume as I listen to Watch The Throne for the 1st time.

I did this for MBDTF and it felt great going through each track in my living room as I layed down, closed my eyes, and vibed with the album.

Anybody waiting 'til Friday, when they listen to the album for the 1st time through the actual CD instead of your computer, iPod, Phone, etc.?
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