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One of the best albums iv heard and im not joking.

Flow is on point. His voice is dope as fuck. His singing is on point and beats which he produced too are on point too.

Nothing is bad about this tbh.

He also produced Cazzie Jetson's first single off his upcoming album theMighty: http://cazziejetson.bandcamp.com/track/powerful-prod-by-jay-saif

#purpVarsity #cazziejetson<3 #2azns

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This is mad raw. I don't understand why nobody else is feeling this...
Maybe because he's not a part of CS?
Like I see dudes with a lot sloppier flows getting props daily on here (No shotsss)
Soo let's getta a bump for this man!
Voice is dope, bars are on point, beats are 'cray, and dude can even use Antares.
I'd love to work with him.
Soo stop sleeping ppeeooppllee!
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