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TIME Magazine: The 30 All-TIME Best Music Videos

The 2000s:
* D'Angelo, "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)" (2000)
* Fatboy Slim, "Weapon of Choice" (2001)
* Johnny Cash, "Hurt" (2003)
* The White Stripes, "The Hardest Button to Button" (2004)
* OK Go, "Here It Goes Again" (2006)
* Gnarls Barkley, "Going On" (2008)
* Beyoncé, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" (2008)
* Lady Gaga, "Bad Romance" (2009)
* Kanye West, "Runaway" (2010)
* Arcade Fire, "We Used to Wait/The Wilderness Downtown" (2010)

Now that music videos are primarily watched online, artists find themselves freed from the constraints of the traditional 3-minute short. The past year has seen the debut of the personalized, interactive music video and the return of mini-movies that are much longer than the songs they accompany. The best example of this is Kanye West's "Runaway," a 35-minute film written and directed by Kany, set not just to one song from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy but to (almost) the entire album. The plot - Kanye West falls in love with a supermodel/Phoenix and tries to assimilate her into the human world only to learn that she can't stay with him because, well, she's a Phoenix - is told through a series of visually stunning setpieces that, in a more traditional world, would probably serve as standalone videos for their accompanying songs. The scenes are connected with occasionally comedic interludes (in one scene, Kanye takes the Phoenix to a dinner party and is asked by another guest, "Your girlfriend is very beautiful...do you know she's a bird?"). In that sense, "Runaway" is a visual representation of Kanye West's music career: often artistic and beautiful, but sometimes incredibly silly.

GQ's Most 30 Stylish Music Videos

Not many new music videos made it either :kanyeshrug:
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