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Well it's hard to buy the song when it's not available in your country :facepalm: and I have the explicit version temporarily until it's on the store for me to buy. Also, I haven't heard the clean iTunes version and will not be buying it or downloading it.

YeMiami said:
Um...I highly doubt Kanye would leave the song the way it is now plus Love Lockdown and Robocop sounded pretty shitty when they were first released...plus he changed Stronger so many times before the final version was out....and I also highly doubt that he would perform a brand new song off his album on live television if it didn't sound exactly like it does on the album because that would be misleading and a dick move because people are expecting the VMAS Runaway not the soul less unfinished sounding Runaway...the single version feels so empty and unfinished... :stronger:
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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