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1 Sonic Boom (prod. FrancisGotHeat & President Jeff)
2 You Love It (prod. L.A CHASE)
3 Gwan Big Up Yourself (Krs. & FrancisGotHeat)
4 How I Feel (prod. DZL & ALO)
5 Down Girl (prod. Prezident Jeff)
6 Switch (prod. FrancisGotHeat & Murda Beatz)
7 Got Me (prod. DZL & Akeel Henry)
8 Why (prod. Murda Beatz)
9 Menace (prod. omarijabari & Rashad Hussein)
10 She Knows About Me (prod. FrancisGotHeat)

i did all this digging thru the producers themselves on twitter, i could be missing some additional producers. i also did this for exis last year http://www.kanyetothe.com/forum/index.php?topic=3572753.0

FrancisGotHeat: @FrancisGotHeat
L.A CHASE: @LaChase95
Krs. : @producedbyKrs
DZL: @ProducerDZL
ALO: @LobbanNWOM
Prezident Jeff: @PrezidentJeff
Murda Beatz: @MurdaBeatz_
Akeel Henry: @TheReal618
omarijabari: @justcontrast
Rashad Hussein: @Rashad416

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crazy how 40 is producing shit for Roy, or at least co producing
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