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25- Lil Wayne- The Carter III

Ayooo i FUCKING hate lil wayne but this one is a crazy album tbh. Production is very good and the lyrical contain is good :slick:

Favorite Song: Confortable
The production on this song is soooo smooth :allears:

24- T.I- Paper Trail

This album is fucking dope tbh. everything is on point

Favorite Song: On the top of the world
Very catchy song. t-pain did his shit on the hook luda did his shit too :slick:

23- Smoke DZA- Rolling Stoned

Great album to chill tbh. Production is incredible but some track are :vom:

Favorite Song: On The Corner
Big K.R.I.T production on this is CRAZY. Bun B killed his verse and DZA did his shit

22- Jay-Z- Kingdom Come

This album is very good imo and is underrated. Dr.Dre mixing is well done on it too.

Favorite Song: Lost One
Dr.Dre did his shit. Jay-Z killed it and Chrisette Michele voice is sooo :allears:

21- Saigon- Greatest Story Never Told

Maybe the best album that came out in 2011. The production is INCREDIBLE (Just Blaze going ham :allears:) and its lyrical :slick:

Favorite Song: Clap, Friend, Greatest Story Never Told and Its Cold
4 Crazy joints. Just Blaze production is crazy (tha gawd :allears:) and Saigon killed all of them. I also like how Just Blaze flipped the same sample for Friend and Greatest Story Never Told

20- Kanye West- College Dropout

One of the best debut album tbh. had classic track like Slow Jamz :)allears:) :slick:

Favorite Song: Slow Jamz and Through The Wire
Slow Jamz is the song that got me into Kanye's music when i was 6 years old :datass: it a timeless song tbh i still bump it like it came out yesterday :slick: Through The Wire production is great and IMO its one of Kanye's best song

19- Nas- Illmatic

This is my top 25 of FAVORITE album not the BEST (Illmatic would probably be #2 on it tbh).

Favorite Song: NY States of Mind
IMO it the REAL New York anthem :allears:

18- Clipse- Lord Willin

Ayoo this shit is incredible tbh. What is the best shit about it is that it just the beginning of everything :allears:

Favorite Song: Grindin
Come on this song was the shit back in the day and it still the shit :datass:

17- Kanye West- My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Ayoo i really think this is a MUSICAL classi rather than a big rap album tbh. everything was on point: featuring (Ross and Pusha :allears:) Production and Kanye :slick:

Favorite Song: Devil in a new dress
Kanye verse is great but Ross verse is just :allears: :slick: :fire:

16- Wu Tang- 36 Chambers

GOAT Group album tbh :slick:

Favorite Song: C.R.E.A.M
This started a movement and the song is a timeless classic

15- Jay-Z- American Gangster

This shit is a classic concept album. Every track are good except for the one with wayne :vom:

Favorite Song: American Gangster
Shame it was an Bonus track because this is a crazy ass song. everything is on point on it :datass: :fire:

14- 50 Cent- Get Rich Or Die Tryin

GOAT Debut album tbh. This album got me into Hip-Hop when i was like 6 years old :hah: :slick:

Favorite Song: In Da Club and P.I.M.P
This was an hard decision because every song on it are great

13- Biggie- Ready To Die

This is some TIMELESS shit tbh. One of the best album that ever came out

Favorite Song: Who Shot Ya?

12- Curren$y X The Alchemist- Covert Coup and Curren$y-Pilot Talk

THe alchemist production on this is CRAZY and curren$y is spitting some fire :slick:

this album is a musical masterpiece tbh. shit is soo smooth :allears:

Favorite song: Audio Dope 2, Roasted, Breakfast, Skybourne
Production is incredible and soooo smooth :allears:

11- Kendrick Lamar- Section .80

This is some real hip hop shit you know ? Everything is on point on this one :slick:

10- Kanye West- Late Registration

GOAT Kanye Album tbh.

09- Rick Ross- Deeper Than Rap

The production on this is GOAT. GOAT LUXURY RAP ALBUM tbh

08- Raekwon- Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

Timeless classic tbh. One of the best Mafioso Rap album

07- Jay-Z- The Black Album

One of the best shit that hov did tbh

06- Jay-Z- Reasonable Doubt

GOAT Mafioso Rap Album

05- Dr.Dre- The Chronic

This proved that Dre is the GOAT producer tbh

04- Outkast Stankonia

First album i bought in my life :allears:

03- Dr.Dre- 2001

Beat are crazy. this shit changed the game

02- Rick Ross- Teflon Don

WHAT TEFLON DON IS #2 ? :mindfk: Yes it is. This has EVERYTHING i want on a album tbh. Cinematic Production great lyrics. Been playing it since it came out :slick: btw this is my FAVORITE ALBUMS LIST NOT BEST ALBUM

01- Clipse- Hell Hath No Fury

GOAT Album. Production lyrics flow everything :allears:

THE GOAT- Jay-Z The Blueprint

This is for me the PERFECT rap album tbh. The production is maybe the BEST of ALL TIME. Just Blaze and Kanye killed this shit. B!nk too. Lyrics are great too

Top 10 Worst Album

10- Wiz Khalifa- Rolling Papers

This is some sell out shit tbh. it not even good (except for some 14 years old girl who loves One Direction tbh :work:)

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Mixtape top 20

20- Juicy J- Blue Dream and Lean

Good mixtape. nothing much to had but it deliver :slick:

19- Fabolous- Death Comes in 3s

Dope tape :slick:

18- Smoke DZA Hustler Catalog

Had some nice track on it (Roll Up Pour Up is GOAT :slick:)

17- 2 Chainz- Tru Realigion

One of the best trap tape that ever came out tbh

16- Wiz Khalifa- Cabin Fever

DOpe project. had some nice production

15- Juicy J- Rubberband Business serie (1&2)

Everything is on point on the two tape tbh. Production is crazy

14- Rick Ross- Rich Forever

WHAT? ROWJAY THE ROSS STAN PUT RICH FOREVER ON THE 14TH SPOT ON HIS LIST :bye: yes. i mean, it a good tape with many banger but shit had too many filler tbh. However, it has classic track

13- Wiz Khalifa- Kush And OJ

some really nice smooth shit tbh :slick:

12- Wale- More About Nothing

he really went ham on this one. a really nice mixtape

11- Stalley- Savage Journey to The American Dream

pretty sure it a free album but anyway, this is one of the dopest project that came out this year. yall should check it out tbh

10- Big K.R.I.T- Krit Wuz Here

Dope Project. He always deliever

09- Rick Ross- Ashes To Ashes

Underrated Project. Minus 9 piece, every track are dope on this tbh :slick:

08- Big K.R.I.T- For eva n a day

Project of the year so far. Got some jem on it

07- Pusha T- Fear Of God

This shows the ability of Pusha on the mix tbh. this tape is crazy

06- Meek Mill- Dreamchaser

Straight Classic shit tbh. Hes the realest in the game and this tape is fucking dope not to say awesome.

05- A$AP Rocky- LiveLove A$AP

This was the suprise of last year tbh. Had MANY dope song.

04- Frank Ocean- Nostalgia Ultra

This is just incredible :allears:

03- Clipse and Re-Up Gang- We Got It For Cheap serie

This is the GOAT Serie of Mixtape tbh.

02- Rick Ross- The Albert Anastasia Ep

Classic Mixtape. Include some classic track. might be one of the best Mafioso Rap project since a long time. Had a legend on this (Kool G Rap) and production is crazy like always with ross

01- Big K.R.I.T- Return Of 4Eva


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ActIIWahaItnanHulat said:
You can't hate on this list. Pretty well rounded & diverse. Clipse,Jay,Dre, You put Ross & 50 on the list.  D:  That is what we need in this game. Unity for the expression. :h5:
Wow, posting outside of the act 2 thread now? Lolol
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