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Well The day has finally arrived, Ronaldo has retired :'( . For me he was the best striker ever and one of if not the best player ever, i have got all his goalscoring stats and honours wrote down so i can post them in here, also some videos of his greatest moments.

Memorable Moments

Goal Scoring Records


1993-1994 - 44 Apps - 44 Goals​


1994-1996 - 57 Apps - 54 Goals​


1996-1997 - 49 Apps - 47 Goals​

Inter Milan

1997-2002 - 99 Apps - 59 Goals​

Real Madrid

2002-2007 - 177 apps - 104 Goals​

AC Milan

2007-2008 - 20 Apps - 9 Goals​


2009-2011 - 69 Apps - 35 Goals​


1994-2006 - 97 Apps - 62 Goals​


1993-2011 - 620 Apps - 420 Goals - 0.677 Goals Per Game​


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he will retire next year.
Dude didn't even play 4 games in a row this year. He is fat as fuck lol.
But even fat he was the best striker of last season here on Brazil.

Could be the best player ever imo, but the injuries fucked him up. So i just say he was the best player to play after Maradonna.

imbirdiie said:
the worlds best

does anybody really know what happened to him in the 98 final against france?
He had a fit in his room, but then was declared 'fit to play' although all the players were worried about him all match so clearly thats why they were nowhere near there best like in the previous games of the tournament I think?

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Pato said:
i can proudly say ive watched him live
no way! i hate you!
i almost watched him... 2003 champions league, partizan - real madrid.. i just couldn't find tickets... back then i was too young to, you know, take care of things like i want...

anyway  :yay:  for this thread, it's about one of the greatest players of all time who i love... frankly i thought it's about that cocksucker from portugal
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