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the group has not brought any of it's artist to full potential
there is a lot of talent on the label
j.cole, melanie fiona, jay elec,rita ora, etc

cole is my favorite rapper now but i want to see if RN can bring him to the mainstream

and melanie fiona defiantly has talent and appeal but has fell off since it kills me

jay elec has been shalved and put in storage

willow smith smh

wale left for mmg

jay z needs to pull up his promo
# so much talent wasted

agreed, but maybe roc nation isnt suppose to be some famliy like GOOD Music and YM, maybe jayz just help fund the signed artist's projects like mixtapes, albums, photo shoots and videos

Melanie Fiona and Wale were never signed to Roc Nation, Roc just managed them..

Jay Electronica just finished his album

J. Cole got signed in 2009, not everyone gets promoted the year they were signed

Big Sean got signed in 2008, and Kanye barely let him put his shit out
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