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Riot ft. Black Thought [Prod. DJ Khalil]

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Scarves said:
There's another DJ Khalil beat on that project. No BT, but Kobe on the hook.
The song is called 2 Clips
Definitely gonna have to check it out tbh.
unborndawg said:
black thought done fell off, i call the next roots album a flop maybe 10,000,000 1st week


10,000,000 would be nowhere near a flop.

And BT definitely ain't fell off.
Albert said:
that ***** said 10,000,000 is a flop lmfao
How high would you have to be for that to be considered falling off???!
unborndawg said:
there is no term for that number
That number is ten million
unborndawg said:
so wayne made 1000,000,000
whats that a thousand million :cmon:
That would actually be 1 Billion.

Wayne sold 1 million first week, aka 1,000,000
unborndawg said:
wtf go to back to school maybe take classes on a portable nintendo 64

But taking classes on a portable nintendo 64 wouldn't be beneficial to my education
unborndawg said:
i was tryna make it fun i guess play with chicken soup in your toilet :kanyeshrug: im out yall
Where would that get me though?
The Man said:
Dope song, so is this on an upcoming project?
Yeah, project is available August 9th on iTunes. I forget the name if the rapper.

unborndawg said:
rearrange the numbers until you get a gillion :kanyeshrug:
But that's not a number
The Man said:
Chick Hearn reference>>>>>>>>>>
Need a DL to this tbh :/
unborndawg said:
well i mean 2infinity has like a gillion zeros i did my research off this cherrios project

Albert said:
try clicking the arrow button on the side of the music player
I think they disabled it
Albert said:
damn, I'm sure someone can rip the track then
Yeah I mean, I'd buy the project, but idk if it'll have much I like. Looks like that's what's gonna end up happening tho
unborndawg said:
im smart thats y i cant get below a f i always get f+ because i put extra effort into my investigations i did a 27 pg paper on my bald people are more likely to have obesissy than fat people
Yeah now I know your trolling
1 - 18 of 60 Posts
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