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Rihanna - Love the Way You Lie Part 2 Feat Eminem

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Eminem with no swears :omg:
robert HENRY said:
Love the way they stripped down the beat
Eminem really sold out on this song I liked beginning was hoping good things but Damn scream flow .
taz. said:
What's with sequels to big songs? Just move on, make something else. Gaurenteed number one though no doubt.
Just not the same with No swears .
robert HENRY said:
I disagree with the Eminem flow, he actually sounds much better here then on other "screamer songs"
Well I really only skimmed because I dont wanna ruin my first listen to Loud I will give better opinion when the whole album is out.
robert HENRY said:
btw I believe this is unfinished
Yes I do also
The Man said:
He says "fucking" at the end.
I will have to give a better listen I really didnt wanna ruin this song cause I really wanna hear Loud :ohno:
1 - 6 of 54 Posts
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