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During a recent trip to NYC, where she made headlines for her revealing choice of clothing and partied with her grandparents, Rihanna also paid a visit to the Carter family. The singer (along with Kanye West) stopped by Beyonce and Jay-Z's Tribeca loft to hang with Blue Ivy Carter. After her recent visit, Rihanna seems to agree with Beyonce, that Blue Ivy looks just like her father.

"She's, it's unreal. It's unreal!" Rihanna excitedly told U.K. radio station Capital FM. "And she really is Jay-Z's twin. It's hilarious. She's beautiful."

Last month singer Melanie Fiona told US Weekly that Beyonce thought the two looked very much alike. "Beyonce says Blue changes every day and looks just like Jay now," Fiona said, adding that since his daughter's birth Jay has been on cloud 9. "He's in a good mood all the time!"

As for Beyonce: "She just is so happy. I've seen Bey like 3 times since she's had the baby," Fiona said. "And she's just glowing and she's saying [motherhood] is the best, and she just loves it!"
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